“I’ve had the fortune, over the past 2 1/2 years, to work with Susan Stern three times now. Initially, I hired her as an Executive Coach after attending a workshop where she was presenting to real estate professionals. She was presenting on Business Planning. She was engaging and innovative! At that time, I was considering making a big career move and felt that getting clarity from an Executive Coach would assist me in making an educated and well-processed decision. Ultimately, Susan helped me navigate the decision process and consider all of the options in front of me. My industry was in the midst of tremendous changes. The coaching process with Susan allowed me to get clarity and find alignment with a corporate culture that would best support my professional and personal growth. Her listening skills, and amazing intuition led to reflective questioning and feedback. These working sessions were the key to the right decision and they led to exploration and growth for me, professionally and personally. She was able to read into my needs and wants in areas that I had not yet consciously keyed into yet. Because she was able to intuitively pick up on my needs and wants, I made the best career choice in my professional life.
Just recently I’ve moved into a new role at the same company, as Branch Manager. I’ve once again, started working with Susan. This time to develop a coaching culture for my Sales department. We will be working to further enhance the current sales training which will help develop the performance of my team. Susan’s ability to conduct individual assessments, develop tools for sales people, facilitate, and coach will be tied into this new training program that we’re developing. While we are still in the development phase, I am very excited to be working with Susan again. She always helps me to stretch beyond my current thought process which leads to amazing new levels for me.”