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Having made a career transition into coaching in 2005, I was inspired to create Live Now to help leaders effectively address corporate and personal challenges that transform your leadership skills and your organization.

Growing up in Tokyo as an expat and a child of a corporate president, I met some of the most interesting people from countries all over the world. I had the opportunity to travel around the world by the age of 13, which taught me the value of having an expansive perspective on different cultures, people, ethics, social norms, senior executives, and business norms.
It was an incredible experience to learn about not only the differences in people and business but also the similarities that we all have regardless of our culture, government, religion, or work life. My family has had 3 corporate relocations in the US, I have been divorced and remarried with a blended family, and have successfully established my business 15 years ago; all of which support my ability to bring diverse perspectives and solutions to clients and organizations especially during times of rapid change.

  • Exceptional: Experience Coaching…it is a strategic partnership which uses discovery and a creative process to help clients maximize their professional and personal potentials. We believe our clients should have an exceptional and unique experience when working with us, so no of cookie-cutter programs.
  • Experience: Coaching is a professional service in which experience, continuous personal and professional development, and personal connection make the difference in the results clients can achieve.
  • Partnership: Susan’s coaching training and approach is co-active, meaning “being together…in action.” We’re experts in leadership skills and building relationships and our clients are experts in their people and industries, only by creating deep relationships and honest communication can we create extraordinary results! “We love our clients…and we have their backs!”
  • Lifelong Learning: We are on a continuous quest for learning and development… we “walk our talk” by taking our personal and professional development seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously. We believe in continuous learning in the sciences (neuro, social, and quantum physics), human behavior disciplines, and spirituality to keep our services innovative and “out of the box”.
  • Giving Back: I was one of MD ICF Founders and served on the MD-ICF Professional Development Committee for 5 years to give back to the coaching profession and support my commitment to enhancing and progressing the coaching profession. I also co-founded Kids 4 Kenya in 2009 to raise money for primary education in rural Kenya for kids in Africa and create an experience of volunteerism to US kids.

Begins with every individual being the leader within their own lives, teams, organizations, and communities. Our programs and services focus on innovative strategies in Leadership Development, Team Collaboration, and Organizational Alignment through methodologies rooted in coaching, positive psychology, and neuroscience.


To provide our clients with innovative tools, strategies, and solutions to equip their employees with leadership, agility, and resiliency skills to perform at their highest level.



The best part about working with our clients is seeing the transformations come to life.