“As a new Executive Director, I was struggling with the need to reorganize my entire organization and to inspire the longstanding staff while making these changes. Embedded learned behaviors coupled with a dysfunctional/misaligned structure had created a nearly impossible situation for change.

Using the DiSC Work of Leaders and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team has given my senior management and management teams the training and skills to discuss and create ALIGNMENT within teams and the entire organization. This has trickled down through the organization as we have continue to invest in professional development and utilize a new common language and agreed upon behaviors.

The success of DiSC retreats and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team at the management level, generated a desire to bring these skills to the entire staff in transforming our culture for the 21st century. The ROI on this investment is measured in increased trust and communication skills, which has led to more effective collaboration and productivity throughout the organization. Staff feels like management “cares” and listens to their needs, as well as values and respects each member of our organization. We had no idea how well received this would be with staff and the positive impact it is having on our workplace. “