“Peer Coach training is a wonderful way that we can reach out to students. After taking the course with Susan Stern and learning the methodology of peer coaching, I feel better prepared to assist students that come to me on a day to day basis – with small issues to large issues. As has been seen, students learning does not end at the classroom or at the bench, but the entire process of being a student and navigating the challenges are also learning opportunities. By assisting students in realizing how to deal with challenges, big or small, we are also teaching them how to deal with them after they leave our institution.
Program Coordinators/Managers of the various academic programs on campus are usually at the front lines. Students come to us frequently with questions, problems (both personal and professional.) Students in our programs generally feel very comfortable in coming to us, and this relationship has already been set up. It would be a great benefit to students and our campus as a whole if these professionals were given the benefit of peer coaching training.”